Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me....

...Yes, today is my birthday. And this 2nd blogger blogspot is a birthday present from me to myself.

It might seem a bit silly to start a 2nd blogspot, seeing as I've had so little time for my first blogspot (Mildred Loves You) in the past several months. But I thought it would be nice to have a space to publish drawing stuff that has nothing in particular to do with burlesque or Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Berlin or

So, welcome to The LaLaVox Doodle Diary; a blog inspired by my Doodle Gallery over at

The Doodle Gallery, and, are loooooooooong over due for an update (any time I've had left over for update activities in the past couple of years has been focused on, but perhaps this blog will soon inspire me to show my old site a little love again at long last.

In the meantime, I have finally gotten around to getting acquainted with that online drawing code thingamajiggy called Scribbler Too. It's a very, very nice place for doodling, and I've collected a whole folder of Scribbler Too doodles in the meantime.

This has inspired me to want to update my Doodle Gallery for the first time in Heaven knows how many years (I'm afraid to check and see how long it's actually been, as it's likely I could have born and raised a toddler or two in the time that's expired since the last update). But as a prequel to any updating I might get around to doing, I'll just go ahead a publish a couple of them here + now: i.e. - right this minute!

Said, done. Ta da! Here are the first four of the doodles I've done so far over at the Scribbler Too page:

Let's see how long it takes me to get them numbered and integrated into the Doodle Gallery along with all of the rest of the best-of Doodles that have happened and been collected for future reference since that last long-ago update. ;)

Oh, and before I go: what's in a name? - right?...

...People have asked me from time to time where my online name, LaLaVox, came from. Long ago and far away, back in the days when I was still living in Mississippi, a friend of mine named Mark D. - apparently fatigued by ennui of having to call me Laura all the time - started calling me LaLa instead. It caught on for some reason, and soon almost everyone in our circle of friends was calling me LaLa. Later, when I was looking around for an online name, I decided to pop Vox on the end of it, and there it was: LaLaVox (aka Miss LaLaVox).

And I - like, I imagine, anyone else involved in the arts in one way or another - have indulged in vanity Googling now and again. Recently I indulged in the ultimate in vanity Googling and set up a Google Alert for "LaLaVox". The very first alert that fluttered into my email inbox was fan art for a pink-and-white-striped homicidal bunny character named Miss Lala Vox. This sent me off on a search that led me to a gamer profile over at Gaia Online. It feels weird to see someone else using my name - and to see that fellow gamers have made fan art of her to boot:

Meet homicidal bunny girl - Miss Lala Vox...

...A very odd feeling indeed... >:/ :P

This feeling reminds me - in a rather irritating way - of the feeling I get when I hear other people sing lyrics that I wrote; either because I wrote the lyrics specifically for them, or because they covered a song of ours - which doesn't irritate me at all by the way, but still feels slightly odd none-the-less.

A feeling which also reminds me a bit of the time Dauerfisch (back in the days when Dauerfisch still existed) used snippets of some of my vocals as samples to be played on a drum pad by their fabulous tour drummer, Andrew McGuinness. He would hit those drum pads with his drumsticks, and my voice would come leaping out of them like popcorn. Hearing my own voice separated from me like that, and manipulated in such non-vocal ways, left me with this funny little tickling sensation in my tummy - as if Andrew were hitting my tummy with the drumsticks instead of the drum pads.

I guess what I'm trying to get at here is this: that it's very odd for me to see things I created appear in places that have little or nothing to do with me, or see them interpreted by someone other than myself. Famous folks must get used to that after a while, but I guess I haven't become desensitized to it yet.

And I'm also left wondering how it came about that this mysterious (and, I'm assuming, very young) gamer came to name her pink-and-white-striped homoicidal bunny, Miss Lala Vox.

But all right then. That's enough of me for now - even if it is my birthday, and I'm left with assorted questions about various things. I'll post more Doodles soonish. And I promise that there will be much less blabbing and much more drawing next time around. ;)

Hugs and kisses,