Saturday, May 7, 2011

Doodling Again: Day 35 (+ The Mildred Bob)

Alright then; the business-as-usual stuff first...

A new People-Doodle:

An old People-Doodle:

And now... Let me take this opportunity to state the rather obvious fact that I am a big fan of the classic bob-cut.

I would have this cut myself - if my hair would do it without gobs of hair-care products and a lot of energy!!! >:( - But I am the sort of girl who is only willing to wash, condition, towel dry, and comb my hair, and not much else. So I have had to give bobs to various creations and an alter ego of mine instead.

Please see Doodle #P7 above and the assorted gals below by way of example (I suppose it's entirely possible that Mildred Mahler is a direct descendant of Doodle #P7 by the way)...

Mildred Mahler

Coco Delish

Twiggy Torpedo

Lola la Voix

If you like bob-cuts too, put your hands in the air and scream, "I love Louise Brooks!!!"

The Doodle Gallery
(unlikely to be updated anytime soon, but thanks to this
blog, now continually acquiring new future members ;))

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