Monday, April 11, 2011

Doodling Again: Day 10 (Sketchbook Shame)

Doodles are coming in this post, but I will indulge myself with much text first... Blah, blah, blah...

...Why "Sketchbook Shame"? Well, mostly because I hardly ever use my sketchbook.

During my years as a student, when it was expected of me that I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere I went, I did - but wrote in it much more often than I drew in it. At the time, it often seemed more interesting to me to paint my surrounding in words rather than in drawings.

I hardly use my sketchbook these days either.

One of our most faithful Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Berlin patrons - a fellow named Michael - has his with him at all times, and whips it out like a photographer whips out his camera, to record his surroundings.

And then there are all of those wonderfully prolific and inspiring artists who speak to us at Pictoplasma festivals and conferences, and show us pages from their sketchbooks - which are filled with their genius scribbles and concepts-in-progress.

I do neither of these things. I indulge in life-drawing once in a blue moon (in spite of the fact that I co-host the Berlin branch of that life-drawing-meets-cabaret/burlesque extravaganza Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School). And I generally don't even doodle in my sketchbook either.

I draw stuff on sheets and bits of paper. Maybe I respect the bound nature of Moleskines and other sketchbooks too much. This finished quality of the object makes me feel weirdly unworthy to fill it with my unfinished thoughts - since I can only know afterward whether I consider my images worthy of being included in a bound book, I guess...

During Pictoplasma events I have simply forced myself to ignore this stifling little demon in my brain, and have sat doodling into an actual sketchbook during any of the talks that were well lit enough to allow it. The doodles that have ended up on these pages along the way have either been directly, indirectly, or not at all influenced by the artist speaking.

I posted 2011 and 2009 examples of these pages this past Friday. I will post some more in this post forthwith. And, although I will return to my Post-It-sized Creature Doodle format for the posts that follow this one, I will continue posting sketchbook pages too; by tacking a couple of them at the end of each of my regular Doodle posts.

And here, at last, are today's offerings...

Doodled last week during a Pictoplasma talk:

Doodled during a Pictoplasma talk in 2009:

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