Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Origin of All Creature-Doodles (And Other Toys)

In my "Doodling Again: Day 16" post yesterday I included this old Creature-Doodle from my Doodle Gallery archives:

This Doodle was drawn spontaneously out of my head one day, but it's direct inspiration has been with me since childhood. Doodle C17 is basically an interpretation of this toy, which I have kept with me for all of these years. All of the Creature-Doodles in my Doodle Gallery are probably direct or indirect descendants of this very toy:

I have no idea who designed it or where it came from. I have vague memories of a tiny fun park and zoo in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA that my Grandfather Smith used to take my brothers and me to when we were all very small. We got things like fat pink candy-wax lips you could wear until they were chewed through, chewable candy-wax pop bottles with colored liquid inside, and straws full of colored sugar. We occasionally got small toys there too. This rubbery critter of unknown origin may well have been bought for me at this half-remembered place.

The glitter, by the way, is not part of the original design of the toy. It's rubbery surface is a tiny bit gummy, and stuff does tend to get stuck to it. ;)

If anyone out there happens to ever have seen this vintage toy before, I'd get a kick out of hearing about it. =)

And while we're on the subject of toys, I'd like to take this opportunity to re-post some creatures that could well be its kin. I posted them originally over at my Mildred Loves You blog (here - right below the Adam Bowman Tree Frog and the Alexi Johanson Disco Bike)...

Freaky Nightlights

;) =)

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