Saturday, April 30, 2011

Doodling Again: Day 28 (with a Mermaid Bonus)

Alright then. The business-as-usual stuff first...

A new Creature-Doodle:

An old Creature-Doodle:

I have been concentrating mainly on Creature-Doodles since bringing this blog back to life back at the end of March.

There were of course People-Doodles included within the sketchbook pages I was adding here for a while, but with no real focus on them in particular. I will begin focusing on People-Doodles in particular a bit more in May.

As a sort of introduction to this intention I'd like to share some things that went on yesterday evening.

I sat down looking for an approach for little mermaid illustration I wanted to do for a project that Künstler Treu and I have up our sleeves. I wanted to find an approach that would be simple and relatively quick to do, and I thought basing it on the way my Doodles come into being might be a nice way to start.

So, I took out my Pentel GFKP Refillable Pocket Kanji Fude Brush Pen, and began doodling...

The above People-Doodles are the four most visually pleasing of a multitude of brush scribbles that helped lead up to this:

And this is a preview of one element of the-little-something that Künstler Treu and I have up our sleeves - which will involve a certain authoress by the name of Carolyn Turgeon...

...Who already had a great deal to do with this heavily mermaidy "Mildred Loves You" blog post from the beginning of this year.

Obviously I will be posting more mermaidy stuff in the future, but probably mostly over at my Mildred blog rather than here at this blog... ;)

The Doodle Gallery
(unlikely to be updated anytime soon, but thanks to this
blog, now continually acquiring new future members ;))

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