Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cat Portraits and Mutants from the Archives

I know that I will absolutely not have time for new Doodles today (my Doodle well seems a tad dry at the moment anyway). But here's something I've had lying around as a draft for a while, wondering if I should actually post it or not. Since there will be no new (or old) Doodles today I've decided to go ahead and post it after all:

Alright... This has nothing to do with Doodles or doodling, but since my Mildred Loves You blog seems even less like the right place for this post, I will deposit it here...

Once upon a time one of my cousins asked me to draw a portrait of a cat of hers who was getting on in years. I did several from photos she sent, but wasn't happy with any of them really.

They are hanging on my cousin's walls though, and looking at the photocopies I made of them back in the day (while sorting through boxes recently), I've decided they're not really all that awful after all.

The following are scans of these photocopies...

And here is a series of mutant animal "mash-ups" from even further back in my foggy past. It was so long ago in the meantime that I'll spare you the details. Don't ask, just look at the pictures... ;)

The drawing materials used for these animal "mashups", by the way, were a Rapidiograph technical pen (the 0.18 nib - if I'm remembering correctly), a no.2 pencil, layout markers, and white bleedproof gouache (for some of the the highlights).

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