Monday, May 9, 2011

Doodling Again: Day 37 (last Daily Doodle post until next week)

I've been pretty pleased with the fact that I've actually been keeping up with the daily pace since beginning this Doodling Again series back at the end of March (with only April 1st deliberately skipped and a couple of days missed during the Pictoplasma Festival). But I'm going have to take a week-long break now.

For one thing, my Pentel GFKP Refillable Pocket Kanji Fude Brush Pen is in the process of running out of ink at the moment - as can be evidenced by the lack of nice juicy solid blacks in the brush strokes of today's (below) and yesterday's People-Doodles.

I could of course just use another pen for my People-Doodles (I do switch the pens I use back and forth quite a bit with my Creature-Doodles). But I've fallen in love with the Pentel GFKP, and besides that, I will be leaving town for a week on Wednesday anyway, and have tons of other stuff to take care of between now and then.

So this will be my last Daily Doodle post until around Tuesday (the 17th) or Wednesday (the 18th) of next week. Here 'tis:

A new People-Doodle...

An old People-Doodle (including a couple of color versions)...

...I was busy teaching myself PhotoShop back in the day, and played around with some color versions of this one. Here are two of them...

See you next week, lovelies!

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