Friday, May 6, 2011

Doodle Rules

This post was sparked by online buddies yesterday mentioning liking the fact that I was, "pumping out new sketches." I replied thus:

Thank you!!! I'm noticing it doing me a lot of good too - keeping up with the routine of doing one every single day. The Doodles are quick to do, so it works. The rules are: no prior planning + no preliminary sketching. I simply put the brush [pen, pencil, etc...] to paper and draw. If it's crap it gets thrown out. If I like it, it lands on the blog. Sometimes the first one works. Sometimes I have to do 3 or 4 before I get a good one. :) xx - LLV

...Oh, and rule 3 - no model! ;)

‎...If there's a model, it's not a Doodle as such anymore, but a sketch. :)


One could philosophically argue, of course, that the models are in my head; which can only be true, obviously. But I never doodle with a model or photo directly, physically in front of me. ;)

As the dictionary states (and as I have posted here before)...

Special hellos and thanks to Sharleen + Iris!!! *muwah!*

The Doodle Gallery
(unlikely to be updated anytime soon, but thanks to this
blog, now continually acquiring new future members ;))

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