Thursday, May 26, 2011

Doodling Again: Day 46 (with a vintage pencil)

Two new People-Doodles:

This first new People-Doodle was drawn with an honest-to-goodness vintage pencil; an Eagle Turquiose 4B (U.S.A. Quality Control No. 82056). According to the website I found while Googling for it, it must have been produced sometime during the 1970s: if you scroll down a bit you can find it at this page of the Leadholder Drafting Pencil Museum.

And here's my rather dreadful scan of the actual pencil in question:

I have no idea why I have this pencil. I'm assuming it once belonged to my dad, and that he never used it because he's an H-pencil kinda guy; not the sort of fellow who would use a B-pencil at all. This would mean that this pencil has been with me for years and years and years, traveling with me from Mississippi, USA to Berlin, Germany in various boxes or other, to eventually land in a drawer next to my desk lying in wait to be used by me at long last. I can't recall ever having used it before. Ever.

But enough of that! Let's move on to today's 2nd new Doodle of the Day...

For this 2nd new People-Doodle I simply used my tried-and-true uni-ball eye (fine) pen once again... ;)

And now the old Creature-Doodle of the Day (one of my favorites)...

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