Saturday, May 21, 2011

Doodling Again: Day 41

A new People-Doodle:

An old People-Doodle:

By the way... Some of the old Doodles (dated 2001) were drawn before 2001. This one (#P14) is a good example of one that was scribbled on a corner of paper well before 2001. They are dated 2001 because that's the year I had the idea to begin collecting and numbering the little collection of doodles that had been piling up in my archive bit by bit over the years. ;)

Since the 2001 beginnings however, I've made an effort to number the Doodles in chronological order according to the order in which they've made their escape from my pencils and pens...

The Doodle Gallery
(unlikely to be updated anytime soon, but thanks to this
blog, now continually acquiring new future members ;))

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