Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doodling Again: Day 45 (with a 3D bonus)

...Today's new People-Doodle was drawn with a uni-ball eye (fine) pen and a Faber Castell Polychromos pencil in Light Carmine (127)...

A new People-Doodle:

An old Creature-Doodle:

And as a bonus today, here's a 3D version of Doodle #C33 that was made for me by my bro, Mr. Invisible, as a birthday present once upon a time long ago. It doesn't happen to be my birthday today, but does happen to be #C33's turn to be the Old Doodle of the Day, so here it is...

This video is very old by the way, so the address you see there at the end no longer leads to anything having to do with the video's maker - just so ya know! ;)

...Oh, right - and there has also been an update over at my "Mildred Loves You" blog today: "FaceBook Prudery + An Upcoming 3rd Anniversary Party" featuring naughty voluptuousness and event flyers (speaking of birthdays) for the night of June 15th leading outrageously into the 16th...

The Doodle Gallery
(unlikely to be updated anytime soon, but thanks to this
blog, now continually acquiring new future members ;))

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